Crawford County Auditor


What We Do

The County Auditor oversees the licensing of dogs within the County, and plays a role in licensing Vendors and Cigarette Dealers.

Dog License

State law requires that you license your dog.  If a dog becomes lost, dog tags are a useful tool in reuniting the dog with its rightful owner.  Any dog over three months of age is required to have a license. Should you have any questions about dog licensing, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Vendor’s License


The Ohio Department of Taxation mandates electronic filing of sales tax returns. It states that each person who has or is required to have a vendor’s license shall make and file a return using electronic means. The primary system of use is the Ohio Business Gateway and the secondary is the Ohio TeleFile system.

As vendors are required to file returns electronically, we strongly recommend that you apply for the vendor account electronically through Ohio Business Gateway. This will prepare you for filing by having the Ohio Business Gateway registration process completed, and filing of the return will be limited to a log-in and completion of the return.

Please use the link below to obtain your vendor’s account immediately through the Ohio Business Gateway.

If you require assistance, the following link will provide a Self Help eLibrary with video tutorials, including “register to Use Ohio Business Gateway” and “Sales Tax Registration.”

*Note: The processing of a paper application may take up to six weeks. If you wish to complete the application through the mail, please use the link below to obtain a copy of the paper application for the appropriate account type.

Vendor’s Licenses (County and Transient) can be obtained online by going to Select create an account. The Ohio Business Gateway website is also where you go to pay the sales tax. If you have questions while on the Ohio Business Gateway website they can be reached at 1-866-644-6468

Who is required to obtain a Vendor’s License?

There are two different types of vendor’s licenses: Retail vendor and Transient. A Retail (County) Vendor’s License is required for selling taxable goods at a fixed location of business. A Transient Vendor’s License is for the sale of goods at various shows and markets throughout the State of Ohio. These licenses are used for the collection of state sales tax.

What to do first.

Determining ownership structure is the first step in starting a business.  Many business owners jump right in and realize they should have decided legal structure first.  If you are using a business name, you should check the availability with the Secretary of State, and check to see if you should register it with them.  For new businesses you should visit the Secretary of State, Starting a Business at This will give you helpful information on what steps you should do to start a business in Ohio.  You should also check with your local County, Township or City Zoning Department to see if you may transact a business from the desired address.

Where do I get a Vendor’s License?

If you choose not to get the county vendor’s license via the Ohio Business Gateway, you can mail the completed ST 1 along with a check or money order for $25, or bring your completed ST1 to the Crawford County Auditor’s Office. Registration is still required via the Ohio Business Gateway website for the payment of the sales tax collected.

Cigarette License

A cigarette dealer’s license is obtained in the County Auditor’s office. The fee is $125.00. To obtain the cigarette license you must also have a vendor’s license.

The license does not authorize the licensee to engage in the business of trafficking in cigarettes at any place of business in this state other than that specified by the Auditor. One license is good for one location.

Any person who employs the use of a motor vehicle to convey a supply of cigarette from place to place for the purpose of offering cigarettes for sale must obtain a license for each vehicle in each county in which the vehicle is used.

In the event that a business is moved from one location to another, or the business is sold, or an individual or partnership incorporates, or a partnership or corporation is dissolved, the cigarette license which has been issued to a dealer prior to the occurrence of any such event may not be used.

A cigarette dealer’s license may be transferred to a person other than that to whom it was issued, or for a place of business in the same county other than that for which it has been issued, by filing an application with the Auditor in the County in which it has been issued and paying a one dollar fee to the Treasurer of the County.

Cigarette licenses are to be displayed near the product being sold for easy inspection. If cigarettes are being sold in your place of business and you do not have a license or your vending machine does not have one displayed, please contact the County Auditor’s office.