Crawford County Auditor

Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

GIS is a technology that links a great deal of information used by various governmental agencies with the locations to which that data refers.

GIS has enabled the Auditor’s Office to fairly assess the Current Agricultural Use Value of farm property within our county by allowing us to intersect soil data, land use data, and parcel data, to determine the number of acres of each soil type a parcel has employed in farming and therefore the taxable value of that property.

The GIS website shows the boundaries and ownership information for all parcels within the County. Additionally, city, township, subdivision, tax district, school district boundaries, and aerial photography are provided as overlays. Additional overlays provided include: road and railroad rights of way, road centerlines, address points, 100-year floodplain, USDA soil mapping, rivers and streams, and 5- and 10-foot contour lines which indicate elevation.

Through the cooperation and mutual support of several agencies within the county, the Auditor’s Office continues to develop and update GIS with local databases and computerized mapping information provided by other entities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of local government.